Server monitor allows you to continuously track the performance level of your server. Managing unexpected failures help you be aware of the whole system and ensure high availability of database servers, notifying IT administrators about memory usage, buffer statistics, query statistics, diagnosing performance problems or monitoring of components.

Our product comes with great features in order to track the performance and make the most of hardware resources, by benchmarking and analysis tools for getting precise and accurate information to resolve incidents quickly, making it easy for anyone to monitor, explore, and analyze them.

You have the advantage of getting complete visibility of your workstations and servers and ensure its availability and health.

Real-time server statistics

Server monitor alerts you about abnormal changes or any events detected from the servers, like CPU usage , programs monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, NetFlow monitoring, as well as analysis of incident management processes.

The IT Administrator can detect if a server is sized correctly in terms of processing power, which processes are taking up memory on a server or track the traffic into and out of a server through each interface.

Uptime security for your system

If a network is crashed it will cost you money, time and probably the reputation of your business. It will be difficult to have to get things back on track and running again.

That’s why server monitoring is important to pick up any small issues to ensure Service Availability.

Stay in touch with your network

You have the possibility to create chat groups that are always available providing real time communication between employees, assigning them on different tasks or archive everything you discuss in your company.

It is an useful tool for being able to proactively monitor systems and react to potential issues with immediate solutions.

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